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Helping people with their recover since 2004 in Florida, Washington and West Virginia.

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At Continental Recovery, we promote holistic practices in order to help you do this. Some of the activities we encourage at our many drug rehab centers include yoga, meditation, hiking, and other exercises. To enable you to overcome your addiction, we need to get you feeling again in new ways.

Our Motivation

We not only want to help everyone who walks through our doors but everyone who is affected.

Our Values

Honesty with yourself as well as us will help you overcome your addiction.

Our Methods

We approach each case in a holistic manner. We believe in healing the mind, body and soul.

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our centers

Continental Recovery has drug rehab centers at each corner of the country for everyone who needs professional assistance for addiction services.

Chehalis, WA

(360) 419-5592

Elkins, WV

(681) 404-3004

Beacon, NY

(845) 287-0517

what we offer in
Continental recovery

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We look for any underlying issues that may be contributing to your addiction. Sometimes by solving that underlying issue, getting rid of your addiction becomes a breeze.

Aftercare services

Once you complete the program you are become part of a community of support. If you ever feel like you need support we are always here for you.

supervised detox

Our staff at Continental Recovery drug rehabs are caring, compassionate, empathetic, and dedicated to the cause of helping people overcome drug addiction.

Group therapy

We have a policy of 100 percent honest and ask that you share your feelings, story, and challenges not only in one-on-one therapy sessions, but in group meetings as well.

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