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Helping people with their recovery is our main goal.


Addiction recovery needs to be a structured, focused treatment that is designed around your needs and circumstances. Whether you have been struggling with addiction for years, or have just realized that you are dependent upon a substance, you will need strategic professional assistance to break open the chains that bind you and help you begin your new life of hope, fulfillment, and sobriety.


Supervised Detox

Addiction recovery can only commence once you have admitted to yourself that you have an ailment, you cannot control it, and you need professional help to do so. Once you have eliminated any trace of denial from your life, you will be able to enroll at a Continental Recovery drug detox clinic for supervised withdrawal. 


Group Therapy

Group meetings are crucial to any recovery treatment. Here you will share your story of adversity, listen and empathizing to the similar situations, and exchanging valuable advice with those who can provide insightful help to you. The bonds that are formed during addiction group therapy will likely last long after you have left our addiction treatment center and will continue helping you into the future.


Aftercare Services

We won’t send you off your own when you go to leave a Continental addiction treatment facility. You will depart with your personalized and comprehensive treatment that has been altered accordingly in order to better fit your needs. The sum of your customized plan, aftercare, will consist mostly of the same treatment methods that have worked for you. Continuing this treatment will enable you to avoid relapse and stay sober indefinitely.

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