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For many people, overcoming addiction is one of the most difficult challenges they will ever face. The Continental Recovery addiction recovery center is designed to support those seeking rehabilitation in the form of tailored, comprehensive programs, as well as a compassionate and friendly community. We help clients break the brutal hold that substances have over their lives and set a course for the future that they envision for themselves.


Clients at our drug rehab facility in Elkins, West Virginia can pursue recovery in a welcoming environment, where they can be confident that their well-being and safety are prioritized. Our staff members take the time to get to know each person through open dialogue and counseling sessions. These conversations give us the information needed to guide each individual addiction recovery program and shape it to product the best results.


A Supportive Community


Creating a strong sense of common purpose and compassion are priorities at our drug rehab centers. We want every client to be able to rely on our experienced staff members for support throughout the process, so they can put all of their attention towards recovery. Maintaining a positive and healthy culture is a core goal at our addiction recovery facility.


Clients also participate in group discussions as part of their addiction recovery program. These meetings can provide a great deal of insight into common experiences, which can be a valuable tool for self-development. They also provide an outlet where each individual has the opportunity to have their voice heard by people who care about what they have to say.


Supervised Detox at Our Addiction Treatment Center


Toxins and addictive substances can linger inside the body for days or weeks following the last dose, creating a prolonged withdrawal effect, which can be particularly severe in some cases. Ceasing substance abuse suddenly can be discouraging and potentially dangerous, which is why anyone seeking rehabilitation should consider going through a supervised detox program. We help clients break the hold of addiction and wipe the slate clean so they can move forward with a clear mind and healthy body.


Treating Dual Diagnosis Cases


Roughly half of cases of addiction disorders also have underlying mental health disorders that compound negatively, making recovery much harder. Addressing both the substance dependency and mental health conditions simultaneously is an essential part of the rehabilitation process for clients suffering from mood and behavioral disorders. The staff members at our substance abuse treatment facility are trained to identify warning signs of common conditions so they can advise clients to seek consultation from a licensed professional.


Addressing the Source of Addiction


Ridding the body of dangerous substances is just the first step on the road towards complete addiction recovery. Those seeking rehabilitation must change the way they think and act to create permanent changes in their behavior and lifestyle. They also need to adjust their attitude towards more positive, productive ends that align with their personal goals.


We strive to create an environment at our addiction treatment facility that encourages clients to pursue these self-improvements. Clients can participate in physical activities to improve their physical fitness as well as social and intellectual exercises to engage their mind. Recovery programs include a variety of therapeutic and enriching activities to give clients the opportunity to expand their perspective.


A Permanent Partner in Recovery


The Continental Recovery drug detox clinic offers a variety of aftercare and continuing programs to provide support for clients who have finished with their main program. The process of fully recovering from an addiction can tank months or years, which is why we support clients and help stay on track through ongoing engagement and therapy.

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